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Launched on 15 May 2015 this is a project which may never be completed. Recording the names of men who said no to war almost 100 years ago is no easy task. We are adding information and names regularly. If a name does not appear in the list below let us know.
Your support by helping us increase, update or correct information is welcome and can easily be made via this form.
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Note about names. We gather information from a variety of sources. Inconsistencies in names in old records or letters frequently occur. Variants which may or may not apply to the family name are included until resolved.

We will be pleased to add a personal message from relatives to a COs page. Details here

Waddell Alexander
Waddell Hugh
Waddell J. T. E. A.
Waddell William
Waddilove Alfred
Waddington Alexander
Waddington Frank
Waddington H.
Waddington J.
Waddington Joseph Robert
Waddle H. A.
Waddle William Henry
Waddoup Richard John
Wade E. R.
Wade G. F.
Wade Geoffrey Byles
Wade George Robert
Wade J.
Wade J. L.
Wade James F.
Wade James Frederick
Wade P.
Wade Walter
Wadey Arthur J.
Wadley Wilfred Davis
Wadsworth Albion S.
Wadsworth Frank Hey
Wadsworth Raymond Varian
Waghorne W. G.
Wagner Herbert Maurice
Wagstaff David
Wagstaff G.
Wagstaff Albert Victor
Wailling James C.
Wain J. C. H.
Wainwright Herbert
Wait Percy C.
Waite John
Waite John
Waite Leonard
Waite Percival
Waites Benjamin
Waites Robert
Wakefield William Haynes
Wakefield J. J.
Wakeham John
Wakelin Herbert H.
Wakeman H.
Walden E. G.
Walden Joseph C.
Walder Thomas Attree
Waldron Harry
Waldron P.
Waldron Percy
Waldron R.
Waldron Sidney
Walford Harvey
Walling Arthur Frank
Walkden F. S.
Walker A. D.
Walker A. E.
Walker Alexander
Walker Alexander
Walker Alfred
Walker Arnold
Walker Arnold William
Walker Arthur
Walker Arthur Joseph
Walker Benjamin
Walker Benjamin Roland
Walker Charles Alfred
Walker David B.
Walker E.
Walker E. A.
Walker E. V.
Walker Edwin
Walker F. B.
Walker Francis E.
Walker Frank D.
Walker Frank Edward
Walker Frank Walter
Walker Fred A.
Walker Frederick William
Walker G.
Walker George
Walker H. W.
Walker Harold Leander
Walker Henry Ernest
Walker Herbert Richard
Walker Herbert Ingle
Walker Horace
Walker Horace Edwin
Walker J.
Walker J.
Walker J.
Walker J.
Walker Jack
Walker James
Walker John
Walker John
Walker John H.
Walker John Richard
Walker Joseph Henry
Walker Joseph Wilberforce
Walker Lawrence William
Walker Leonard Simms
Walker Lionel
Walker Milton
Walker Richard
Walker Samuel
Walker Sidney
Walker T.
Walker T.
Walker Thomas
Walker Thomas
Walker W.
Walker W. H.
Walker Walter Harry
Walker Wilfred
Walker William
Walker William Henry
Walkerley William
Walkling V. T.
Wall F. V.
Wall Harold
Wall Iram Gladstone
Wall Percy
Wall William Dauncey
Wallace B.
Wallace Charles
Wallace David Weir
Wallace Edward Reuben
Wallace James Norman
Wallace John
Wallace John William
Wallace William H.
Wallage Herbert George
Waller Bertram Harold
Waller Edmund Frank
Waller F.
Waller F. R.
Waller Herbert Ingle
Waller J. E.
Waller S.
Waller Thomas Wright
Waller W. J.
Wallhead Richard Morris
Wallice D.
Walling Frank Arthur/Arthur Frank
Walling Sydney
Wallis Arthur Frank
Wallis Arthur T.
Wallis Bennet Henry
Wallis C. E.
Wallis E. Arnold
Wallis Eliot
Wallis H.
Wallis Henry Richard
Wallis Jasper
Wallis Percy
Wallis Sydney Thomas
Wallis Thomas Harlas
Wallis Thomas Henry
Wallis W. G.
Wallis William Pickard
Walls Arthur Robert
Walls Isaac
Walls James
Walls John
Walls Lambert
Walls Leonard
Walls Robert
Walls Robert Joseph
Walls Samuel
Walls Thomas
Walmesley Alwyne Arthur
Walmesley Cyril
Walmsley Charles
Walmsley Cornelius
Walmsley Edward
Walmsley William
Walpole Leonard L.
Walsh Annan Turnbull
Walsh Edward
Walsh George L.
Walsh James
Walsh John
Walsh John
Walsh Lewis
Walsh Nathan
Walsh Samuel Joshua
Walsh Thomas
Walsh Thomas
Walsh W.
Walsh W.
Walsh William
Walter Harold
Walter Maurice
Walters A.
Walters B. or E.
Walters B. T.
Walters Charles Henry
Walters H. V.
Walters Isaac S.
Walton Arthur
Walton Bert
Walton C.
Walton David
Walton Ernest
Walton Frank Edward
Walton Fred
Walton George
Walton John
Walton Joseph
Walton Lancelot
Walton Maurice Gamble
Walton Percival David
Waly P. O.
Wands William
Waplington John Alfred Charles
Warbrick John
Warburton Alfred
Warburton Harold
Ward A. W.
Ward Albert Frank
Ward Albert Percy
Ward Albert William
Ward Bernard Dixey
Ward Christopher Thomas
Ward Edward H.
Ward Eli
Ward Francis Thomas
Ward Frank
Ward Frederick
Ward G.
Ward G. H.
Ward G. H.
Ward Guy Hinchliffe
Ward H. Arnold
Ward Harry
Ward Herbert
Ward J.
Ward J. A.
Ward J. S.
Ward N. A.
Ward R. F.
Ward Samuel Wesley
Ward Stephen
Ward W.
Ward W. E.
Ward Walter
Ward Walter
Ward William
Ward William Alfred
Ward William Alfred David
Warden Henry Joseph
Warden William Orr
Warder Thomas
Wardropper James
Ware John
Wareham Harold B.
Wareham Percy
Wareham William B.
Warford William John Stuart
Warhurst Fred
Warhurst W.
Warin John Richard
Waring A. T.
Waring Edward
Warman A. J.
Warmington F.
Warn Edward
Warne George Henry
Warne Leonard Francis
Warner B. J.
Warner John
Warner Malcolm
Warner Marcus
Warner Maurice
Warner Reginald W.
Warner Wilfred Bassell
Warnes Frederick Grapes
Warr-Langton Harold Kahan
Warr G. H.
Warr Reginald Moss N.
Warr Sidney Joseph Charles
Warre Henry Walter
Warren Arnold
Warren B. J. W.
Warren Basil Abbott
Warren Charles Frederick
Warren Edwin Carroll
Warren Horace Edgar
Warren Hubert Thomas
Warren Jonathan
Warren Reuben
Warren S. J.
Warren Thomas Henry
Warren William
Warrington F.
Warsany Arthur
Warville George Henry
Warwick Charles Bradlaugh
Warwick F. J.
Warwick Frank
Wash George
Washbrook Frank
Washington Walter Arthur
Wass George J. H.

Waterfall Robinson
Waterfall William
Waterhouse John Frederick
Waterhouse Victor Redman
Watering Edward V.
Waterman Arthur W.
Waterman F.
Waters George Frederick
Waters George William
Waters Percy John
Waters Robert
Waterton A. E.
Waterworth Albert
Watkins Arthur Bradshaw
Watkins Charles L.
Watkins Cyril Herbert
Watkins Evan J. S.
Watkins Harold Mostyn
Watkins Henry S.
Watkins J.
Watkins John
Watkins John
Watkins John Oliver
Watkins M.
Watkins Richard Beversley
Watkins T.
Watkins William
Watkins William Melville
Watkins William Pascoe
Watkinson A.
Watkinson Daniel
Watkinson F. C.
Watkinson H.
Watley G. S. B.
Watling George E.
Watmough C.
Watmuff Albert
Watson A. E.
Watson Alfred
Watson Arthur Herbert
Watson C. R.
Watson Charles
Watson E.
Watson Edgar Charles
Watson Edwin John
Watson Ernest Herman
Watson Fred
Watson Fred
Watson Frederick Thomas
Watson George
Watson George
Watson George Alston
Watson Harry
Watson Herbert
Watson Herbert
Watson Herbert Thomas
Watson Horace
Watson Horace Carlton
Watson James Thomas Mulcaster
Watson John
Watson John William
Watson Leonard K.
Watson R. E. H.
Watson Robert
Watson Robert John
Watson Robert
Watson S.
Watson Thomas
Watson W. C.
Watson W. G.
Watson W. H.
Watson Walter Herbert
Watson William
Watson William
Watson William
Watson William Alfred
Watt Alfred Danforth Vardon
Watt Andrew May
Watt Charles H.
Watt George
Watt George
Watt J.
Watt J. L.
Watt N. J. M.
Watt Robert
Watt Robert McGarvie
Watt T.
Watters Abram George
Watters Cecil David
Watters Hubert Victor
Watters Lancelot Thomas
Watters Massena Garnet
Watts A. F.
Watts Arthur F.
Watts Arthur Francis
Watts Ashton
Watts Carl
Watts Edward
Watts Frank
Watts George
Watts H. J.
Watts Harold
Watts L. E.
Watts Leonard Copeland
Watts Newman
Watts Renshaw
Watts Sidney Ernest
Watts Thomas
Watts Thomas H.
Watts W. J. E.
Watts Wilfrid Tye
Watts William Edgar
Waud Frank
Waugh George
Way E. J.
Way Ralph Leonard
Way Reginald
Way Reginald Ernest
Weare A. J.
Weare Alfred
Weare Percy Charles
Wearmouth Donald Percy
Weatherson George
Weaver F. W.
Webb A. W.
Webb Albert Edward Percy
Webb Albert J.
Webb Arthur Edward
Webb Arthur James
Webb B. J.
Webb Charles
Webb Edward
Webb Francis Howard Hippesley
Webb George D.
Webb George F.
Webb H.
Webb H. S.
Webb Jesse
Webb John Henry
Webb Maurice
Webb N.
Webb Noel Alfred
Webb Samuel
Webb Samuel Watson
Webb William
Webber Alexander A.
Webber Arthur A.
Webber David Henry
Webber F.
Webber Frederick William
Webber H.
Webber Henry Alfred
Webber J.
Webber W.
Webber Walter Thomas
Webber William
Webster A.
Webster Arthur Brady
Webster Edward John
Webster Frederick E.
Webster George Rogers
Webster Harold
Webster Percy Norman
Webster T. H.
Weddell John Anthony Francis
Wedmore Edmund Basil
Wedmore F. H.
Weeks A. H.
Weeks Ernest S.
Weeks Evan J.
Weeks William Alford
Weetman John Eli
Weetwood W.
Weight Frank Aubry
Weight H. H.
Weight Joseph Alfred
Weighton H.
Weinberg Robert
Weinstein/Winsten Samuel
Weir A.
Weir John
Weir Peter M.
Weir William
Weiss F. W.
Weiss H.
Welbank William
Welch Gregory
Welch L.
Welch Robert Harrison
Welch William
Weldon Henry
Welham Arthur Chipperfield
Wellard E. F.
Weller Ernest Samuel
Weller George Alfred
Weller W. L.
Wellington Frederick
Wellington John
Wellman Frederick John
Wellock Albert Edward
Wellock Wilfred
Wells Albert Henry F.
Wells E. J.
Wells F. E.
Wells George J.
Wells George Robert
Wells George Wilfred
Wells H.
Wells Harry William
Wells J. R.
Wells Percy Lawrence
Wells R.
Wells Reginald Frank
Wells Sidney
Wells Thomas
Wells William
Welsby William
Welsh James C.
Welsh John
Wensley Richard
Went Thomas William
Wentworth H.
West A. J.
West A. T.
West F. W.
West Frederick Charles
West Frederick Thomas
West Hubert
West Percy Edgar
West R.
West Reginald Ernest
West Thomas
West Walter
Westall Tom
Westall W. P.
Westbrook Frank
Westbrook M. McP.
Westhead James
Westlake Walter
Weston Albert E.
Weston Edward Robert
Weston Henry P.
Weston James Thomas
Weston T.
Westover John Albert Arthur
Westray Alfred
Westrope Francis Gregory
Westwell James
Westwood Albert James
Westwood Frank
Westwood James
Westwood John Howard
Westwood W. A.
Westwood Willis
Wetherall F. Herbert
Weychan Albert Edward
Whaite H. C.
Whale J. S.
Whaley Arthur
Whalley H.
Whalley Thomas
Whamond Alexander
Wharton Gregory
Wharton Henry George
Wharton Lambert Woodhead
Wharton William Arthur
Whatley Enoch Nelson
Whatley George Victor Stuart
Whatley Herbert William
Whatmough Frank
Whatmough J. H.
Whatton Thomas
Wheatcroft Harry Lewis
Wheatcroft Harry
Wheate Harold J.
Wheatley Edmund Wilfrid
Wheatley Harry Jeffrey
Wheaton A.
Wheeldon Edwin
Wheeldon Henry
Wheeldon Ince
Wheeldon John
Wheeldon William Marshall
Wheeler A.
Wheeler A. W.
Wheeler Albert Joseph
Wheeler Ebeneezer George
Wheeler F.
Wheeler Frederick Kingston
Wheeler Frederick Thomas
Wheeler Lawrence
Whellam H. W.
Whetton Horace
Whichelo Gerald Ross Graham
Whiffen Ernest Stanley
Whiffen Harold Livingstone
Whiffen Norman Wilberforce
Whiles John Henry
Whilmore P. A.
Whinnerah Westgarth
Whipp Arnold
Whipp Hartly
Whiriskey John Lyle
Whitaker A. T.
Whitaker Frank Havergill
Whitaker H.

Whitaker J. E. F
Whitaker John
Whitaker R. A.
Whitaker R. E.
Whitaker Robert
Whitaker Robert Walter
Whitbourn Frederick Samuel
Whitbourn Harold Henry
Whitbourn John George
Whitby Robert Elliot
Whitchurch G. P.
Whitcomb Albert
White A. M.
White Albert
White Allan
White Andrew
White Andrew Edward Clarke
White Arnold
White Arthur Thomas Edward
White Charles Borrett
White Daniel C. S.
White David
White E.
White Edwin Crane
White Ernest
White Ernest Stanley
White F. A.
White F. P.
White Felix Harold
White Francis John
White Frank Courtney
White Frederick
White Frederick Alfred
White G. J.
White H.
White Harold Dinsley Jenning
White Harry
White Henry
White Herbert
White Herbert A.
White Horace James
White J.
White J.
White J.
White J.
White J. W. or J. C.
White John Alfred
White John Stephen
White Joseph
White Joseph Young
White Leonard
White P. T.
White Percy Edward
White T.
White Thomas Francis
White Thomas Phillip
White W. S.
White W. W.
White Walter
White Walter
White William Edward
White William Henry
Whitefield George B.
Whiteford Hubert
Whiteford Wilfred
Whitehead A.
Whitehead Edgar Thoreau
Whitehead F.
Whitehead F.
Whitehead F. W.
Whitehead Frank
Whitehead George
Whitehead Harold
Whitehead Harry
Whitehead Herbert
Whitehead Herbert
Whitehead Herbert
Whitehead J.
Whitehead J. H.
Whitehead J. J.
Whitehead John
Whitehead Thomas Gustavus
Whitehead Tom
Whiteheart John Robert
Whitehorn Alan Drummond
Whitehorn David Abel
Whitehorn Jesse Matthew James
Whitehouse Edward
Whitehouse Reg
Whitehouse Wilfred Percy
Whitehouse William Thomas
Whitelaw William
Whiteley C. E.
Whiteley E.
Whiteley Fred
Whiteley H. A.
Whiteley Harold Arthur
Whiteley Harry
Whiteley Herbert
Whiteley Wilfrid
Whitell James
Whitelock W. J.
Whitelock William
Whiteman Duncan Cameron
Whiteman Hugh
Whiteman Phillip C.
Whiteman Walter William
Whiterod Alfred
Whiteside R.
Whitfield Charles Whetton
Whitfield Frank
Whitfield Frank Myles
Whitfield H. D.
Whitfield Thomas Ernest
Whitford Frederick William
Whitham John Mills
Whiting Charles George
Whiting J. R. S.
Whiting J. Rowland
Whiting Norman
Whitley James William
Whitley Percival Nathan
Whitlock Arthur John
Whitlow John Penrose
Whitlow Maurice
Whitmee John Alfred
Whitmore Albert Henry
Whitmore Horace
Whitmore Percy A. W.
Whitrick Edgar
Whittaker Edmund
Whittaker Frank Oswald
Whittaker Harold
Whittaker Henry
Whittaker J.
Whittaker Robert William
Whittaker T.
Whittaker T.
Whittaker Vernon Horatio
Whittaker Wilcock B.
Whittall Richard Gay
Whittingham Oscar Hainsworth
Whittington Frederick Leonard
Whittle C. H.
Whittles E.
Whittles H.
Whitton Frederick William
Whitwam H.
Whitwell Raymond
Whitworth Fred
Whybrew Arthur Thomas
Whybrew Walter
Whybrow Leonard Edward
Whyles Thomas
Whyles Arthur Edward
Whyles George
Whyles Harry
Whyman Percival
Whysall James
Wickenden Frederick
Wickens Christopher Charles
Wickens Frank Ernest
Wickens Henry John
Wicks Herbert Frederick
Widdowson T. H.
Widgery William R.
Wiggins Albert
Wiggins Claude Stanley
Wiggins Henry
Wiggins Robert Leslie
Wigham J. Cuthbert
Wigham Matthew
Wigham Robert
Wigham W. S.
Wightman David Samuel Jesse
Wigley P. H.
Wigmore John Sidney
Wigner John Gurner
Wilbraham Thomas Hugh
Wilby William Henry
Wilcox A.
Wilcox Joseph
Wilcox L.
Wilcox W.
Wild A.
Wild Albert
Wild Albert
Wild Allan
Wild Arthur
Wild Bartle K. A.
Wild Harold Ernest
Wild Hubert
Wild James
Wild Joe
Wild Norman
Wild Tom
Wilde Arthur
Wilde Leonard O.
Wilde Reginald William
Wilderspin Abbott John
Wilderspin Frank William
Wilderspin George Moore
Wilderspin L. W.
Wilding E.
Wilding Herbert
Wilding John
Wileman Benjamin David
Wileman Charles
Wiles A.
Wiles Alfred Stephen
Wiles George
Wiles Stanley Herbert
Wiles William
Wilkie John S.
Wilkins A.
Wilkins Arthur G.
Wilkins C. H.
Wilkins Charles L.
Wilkins Edward G.
Wilkins Frank
Wilkins G. F. A.
Wilkins H.
Wilkins Harold Tom
Wilkins Harry
Wilkins Henry Charles
Wilkins P. J.
Wilkins W.
Wilkinson Albert Edward
Wilkinson Arthur Denby
Wilkinson Arthur Stanley
Wilkinson Bartholomew Michael
Wilkinson Cecil J. C.
Wilkinson Charles
Wilkinson Earnest
Wilkinson Ernest James
Wilkinson F. J.
Wilkinson Frederick John L
Wilkinson George Edward
Wilkinson H. E.
Wilkinson H. J.
Wilkinson Henry
Wilkinson Henry Robinson
Wilkinson James Edward
Wilkinson James Henry
Wilkinson Jesse
Wilkinson John
Wilkinson John S.
Wilkinson R. E.
Wilkinson Richard
Wilkinson Robert
Wilkinson Walter
Wilkinson William
Wilkinson William
Willan J. E.
Willard E. C.
Willcocks Edward Percival
Willcox Christopher
Willcox E. S.
Willcox Joseph Henry
Willcox Louis Slocombe
Willday Alfred
Willday Sydney Bertie
Willet J.
Willey Ambrose John
Willey Leonard
Willey Octavius George
Willey Walter Charles
Willey William Edgar
Williams A. G.
Williams A. J.
Williams A. J.
Williams A. R.
Williams Abel
Williams Albert James
Williams Arthur
Williams Arthur Douglas
Williams Arthur Edward
Williams Arthur Garnett
Williams Bertram Thomas
Williams C.
Williams Caradog
Williams Charles
Williams Charles Henry
Williams Charles Olliffe
Williams Charles Raymond
Williams Clifford Allebone
Williams D. G.
Williams D. I.
Williams D. J.
Williams D. J.
Williams Daniel Gwyn
Williams Daniel Robert
Williams David
Williams David Daniel
Williams David M.
Williams E. C.
Williams E. F.
Williams E. G. H.
Williams E. Hall
Williams E. J.
Williams E. J.
Williams E. J.
Williams E. S.
Williams Edward John
Williams Edwin Alfred
Williams Ernest Henry

Williams Erwin
Williams Eustace Hamilton V.
Williams Evan Baldwin
Williams Fred
Williams Frederick Montagu
Williams G. H.
Williams G. H.
Williams George Crocker
Williams George Henry
Williams George Mansell
Williams George Samuel
Williams Griffiths
Williams H.
Williams H. F.
Williams H. I.
Williams Harold N. or M.
Williams Harry B.
Williams Herbert A.
Williams Herbert Edward
Williams Herbert John
Williams Hugh Shackfield
Williams I. J.
Williams I. J.
Williams Idwal
Williams J.
Williams J.
Williams J.
Williams J.
Williams J. C.
Williams J. J.
Williams J. P.
Williams James Edgar
Williams Jenkin
Williams John
Williams John
Williams John David
Williams John M.
Williams Joseph
Williams Joseph Handel
Williams Julian Robert
Williams L.
Williams L.
Williams Lionel Cuthbert
Williams Llew.
Williams Llywelyn
Williams Martin Luther
Williams Percy Walter
Williams Phillip
Williams R.
Williams R. L.
Williams R. W.
Williams Robert
Williams Robert S.
Williams S. H.
Williams Samuel
Williams Samuel
Williams Samuel
Williams Selwyn Henry
Williams Sherwood Alfred
Williams T. J.
Williams T. M.
Williams Thomas
Williams Thomas
Williams Thomas
Williams Thomas G.
Williams Thomas Hedley
Williams Thomas Henry
Williams Thomas Herbert Parry
Williams Thomas John
Williams Thomas Joseph
Williams Tom Laurence
Williams W.
Williams W.
Williams W.
Williams W. E.
Williams W. T.
Williams Walter
Williams William
Williams William
Williams William Frederick
Williams Y. M.
Williams J.
Williamson A.
Williamson Alfred
Williamson Arthur
Williamson E.
Williamson Ebenezer
Williamson George Scott
Williamson Harry
Williamson J.
Williamson J.
Williamson J. M.
Williamson James
Williamson John
Williamson Joseph Robinson
Williamson Matthew M.
Williamson Robert
Williamson T.
Williamson Thomson
Willig Henry Frederick
Willings Horace Robert
Willington Walter Anwyl
Willis C. A.
Willis Duncan A.
Willis Ernest James
Willis Henry
Willis Matthew
Willis Percy J.
Willis Stanley Wilfred
Willis Thomas
Willis William
Willis William John
Willmore-Wittmer Udo E.
Willmore Charles F.
Willmott Albert
Willmott Frank Percy
Willmott Gilbert
Willmott Stewart
Willott J.
Willott Ralph
Willoughby Thomas Yates
Willoughby William Henry
Wills E. F.
Wills Edwin
Wills Edwin John
Willsdon Charles
Willshire C.
Willson George C.
Willson M. A.
Willy Walter Harold
Wilman Leonard Ernest
Wilmore Percy
Wilmot H. R.
Wilmot John
Wilshaw Charles
Wilshaw J. T.
Wilson A.
Wilson A. L.
Wilson A. Peter
Wilson Alan Forsyth
Wilson Albert
Wilson Albert
Wilson Andrew
Wilson Andrew Chalmers
Wilson Arthur
Wilson Arthur Edward
Wilson Arthur Percy
Wilson C. J.
Wilson Charles Braithwaite
Wilson Charles Gilbert
Wilson Charles Henry
Wilson Charles Louis
Wilson Clement Spencer Lockwood
Wilson Douglas Gordon
Wilson E. G.
Wilson E. G.
Wilson E. V.
Wilson Eli Marsden
Wilson Ernest
Wilson Ernest Henry
Wilson F.
Wilson F. E.
Wilson F. M. W.
Wilson Frank William
Wilson Frederick
Wilson G.
Wilson George
Wilson George Albert Darcy
Wilson George William
Wilson H.
Wilson H. A. V.
Wilson H. L.
Wilson Harold
Wilson Harold C.
Wilson Harry John
Wilson Henry
Wilson Henry Leonard
Wilson Herbert
Wilson Howard
Wilson J. E.
Wilson J. T.
Wilson James
Wilson James
Wilson James Harnan
Wilson John
Wilson John
Wilson John
Wilson John Edward
Wilson K. J. T.
Wilson L.
Wilson Louis John Collier
Wilson M. E.
Wilson M. E.
Wilson Maurice
Wilson Maurice M.
Wilson Mitchell Fyfe
Wilson Robert
Wilson Robert Freeman
Wilson S. E.
Wilson Sidney William
Wilson Slater
Wilson Stephen G.
Wilson Thomas
Wilson Thomas
Wilson Thomas
Wilson Victor
Wilson W.
Wilson W.
Wilson W. H.
Wilson Walter John
Wilson Wilfrid Hugh
Wilson William
Wilson William
Wilson William
Wilson William Ernest
Wilson William Maurice
Wilson William McD.
Wilton Alfred Reuben
Wilton John Raymond
Wiltshire Alan L.
Wiltshire Arthur Charles
Wiltshire Fred
Wiltshire Harry L.
Wiltshire William Jabez
Winchester Alfred
Wincott Alban C.
Winden J. H.
Winders Ernest G. J.
Windsor George P. or F.
Windsor Walter
Winfield Frederick M.
Wing Charles William Vincent
Wing Ernest Charles
Wing Horace Oliver
Winham Frank James
Winkworth A. E.
Winn Henry P.
Winrow Alfred Bishop Heath
Winship James Henley
Winspear Charles
Winspear George
Winstanley William
Winter A.
Winter Alfred E.
Winter B. W.
Winter Bernard George
Winter Charles Henry
Winter D. T.
Winter J. G.
Winter John William
Winter Joseph Edward
Winter Leonard Edwin
Winter Norman Roy
Winter Stanley Gordon
Winter Thomas Arnold
Winter Wallace
Winter William Ernest
Winterbottom Robert
Winterhalder Charles
Wintle William Louis
Winton Frank R.
Winton Horace Henry
Winton Walter
Wise Charles
Wise J.
Wise William Osborne
Wiseman David Orr
Wishart William
Wisner A.
Wissam Gilbert
Witchell Sidney John
Withall R. G.
Witham Norman Hoyle
Witherford George Howard
Withers George Henry
Withers George Richard
Withers Joseph Hills
Withey Walter
Withnell John Whittle
Witt Benjamin
Witt Lewis
Wittmer Udo Eldon Willmore
Wittridge W. C.
Wolfenden Joseph
Wolstencroft Eric
Wolstencroft W.
Wolstencroft William
Wolstenholme William Horace
Wolstenhulme William
Wolstonecroft A. S.
Wontner John Joseph
Wood A.
Wood A. E.
Wood Albert Edward
Wood Allan Lister
Wood Arthur E.
Wood Arthur Sheppard
Wood Bennett William
Wood C.
Wood Clement
Wood Cyril
Wood Donald
Wood Donald George
Wood E.
Wood E. H.
Wood E. Maurice
Wood Edward
Wood Edward Anstey
Wood F.
Wood Frank
Wood Frederick

Wood Frederick C.
Wood Frederick Charles
Wood Frederick Ponsonby
Wood George
Wood George
Wood George
Wood H.
Wood H.
Wood H. Steer
Wood Harold R. B.
Wood Henry R.
Wood Herbert G.
Wood Herbert T. A.
Wood Isaac S.
Wood J. B.
Wood James
Wood James F.
Wood John
Wood Joseph
Wood Joseph J.
Wood Percy
Wood R. Theodore
Wood Reuben
Wood Robert Evelyn
Wood T. W.
Wood Thomas
Wood Walter
Wood Walter Henry
Wood William L.
Wood William Lee
Wood William Thorpe
Woodall Bertram
Woodall Henry
Woodall John Edward
Woodall Percy
Woodall T. F.
Woodall Thomas Bell
Woodard Frederick Robert
Woodbridge Henry C.
Woodburn Arthur
Woodcock F.
Woodcock Frank
Woodcock H.
Woodcock Norman Cullis
Woodcock Paul G.
Woodcock Philip Edward Holland
Woodfield George
Woodfield Herbert
Woodford Edmund George
Woodford Norman Edward W.
Woodhall Henry
Woodham A. T.
Woodham Charles
Woodhams George Harold
Woodhead Arthur Godfrey
Woodhead Charles Alfred
Woodhead Edwin Godfrey
Woodhead Ernest
Woodhead George Arthur
Woodhead Harold
Woodhead Herbert
Woodhead L.
Woodhead Robert
Woodhouse Albert Edward
Woodhouse David Henry
Woodhouse Frederick Edwin
Woodhouse Silas Cephas
Wooding George Frederick
Wooding John
Wooding Robert
Woodland Albert
Woodland Arthur
Woodland H.
Woodley James
Woodman Robert
Woodroffe Frank
Woodrow J. W.
Woodrow William
Woodruff Alfred Edwin James
Woodruff Fred
Woodruff Sydney Lucas
Woods Cyril
Woods Edward
Woods Edward Cuthbert
Woods Fred
Woods Frederick James
Woods George Saville
Woods Joseph
Woods Melbourne Victor John
Woods Walter John
Woods Willey
Woods William James
Woodward Albert Herbert
Woodward Allen Bayliss
Woodward Arthur
Woodward E.
Woodward Ernest
Woodward Lisle
Woodward William
Woodwiss Enos Harold
Woodwiss Josh. Frederick. Wm.
Woolcock John
Woolf Jack
Woolf Lilian G.
Woolf Rayman
Wooliscroft James Henry
Woolland Gilford H.
Woollard Ernest
Woollard Horace Constable
Wooller Ernest Edward
Woolley A. H.
Woolley Albert
Woolley Charles
Woolley F. H.
Woolley Joseph
Woolman John
Woolmer Frank Preston
Woolvett Frederick G.
Woolvett Walter S.
Wootton George Henry
Wootton J. H.
Wopling George Richard
Wordsell George Fox
Wordsell T. Arnold
Worgan Henry
Worker F.
Worm Benjamin J.
Worrod Henry Edgar
Worsan Harry
Worsdell G. F.
Worsdell T. A.
Worsencroft James
Worsencroft N.
Worsencroft William
Worship Francis George
Worsley John
Worsley Sidney
Worsnop Charlie
Worsnop Harry
Worswick R.
Wort William Henry Michael
Worth Frederick William
Worth Harry
Worthington G. J.
Worthington Richard
Worthy R.
Wotherspoon G. H.
Wotherspoon Robert S.
Wragg Carl Lemuel
Wragg G.
Wragg Harold
Wrathall  Angus William
Wrather Thomas
Wray Douglas N.
Wray Herbert
Wray John Vernon Charles
Wray Maxwell Herbert
Wride Gilbert Stanley
Wright A. V.
Wright Alfred
Wright Bernard Dalton
Wright Charles
Wright Charles Bowman
Wright Cyril George
Wright E. B.
Wright E. J.
Wright Ernest Albert
Wright F.
Wright F. A.
Wright F. R.
Wright Fred
Wright Frederick
Wright G.
Wright G. J.
Wright G. R.
Wright George Stanley
Wright George
Wright H.
Wright Harry Daykin
Wright Henry
Wright Henry James
Wright Herbert
Wright Herbert
Wright J.
Wright J. S.
Wright J. S.
Wright J. V.
Wright John Howard
Wright Joseph
Wright Joseph
Wright Joseph William
Wright Leonard
Wright Norman
Wright Pearson M. W.
Wright Philip A.
Wright R. O.
Wright R. W.
Wright R. W.
Wright Richard Colenutt
Wright Robert
Wright Sidney H.
Wright Sydney L.
Wright Tillotson
Wright W. S.
Wright William
Wright William
Wright William Ewart
Wright William Wilfrid
Wrigley Frank R.
Wrigley Harold L.
Wrigley Hugh J.
Wrigley R.
Wrigley William
Wrixon Arthur E.
Wyatt F. J.
Wyatt Percy Thompson
Wyatt R. A.
Wyatt R. G.
Wyatt Rendel Hammond
Wyatt Robert Joseph
Wyeth George William
Wylie Alexander S.
Wylie David Gordon
Wynn O. C.
Wynniate F. P.